Aydan Hasanova

Depicting relations, memories and curiosities. 


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Graphic Design

See more of Book of Han, 2023.

See more United Coffee Beans branding, 2019 - 2021.



“If my family had supported me..” illustration for Chaikhana, 2022.
Changes, 2022.
Rhye, “Please” study, 2020.
“Loopholes stifle Azerbaijan’s anti-child labor reform” for Chaikhana, 2022.
“The Family Plot” Illustration for Popshot Magazine, 2020.
Rest, 2022.

“Queer media in Azerbaijan” Illustrations for Queeradar, 2022
“Women with penises are also women!” Illustrations for Queeradar, 2022.
“Azerbaijan funds students abroad to stymie brain drain” illustrations for Chaikhana, 2022.


Hello! I am an illustrator, 2D animator and graphic designer currently based in Toronto, ON. I focus on depicting honest stories, fragments of my memories, and emotional curiosities with nuance, empathy and humor.

My educational background allows me to toggle between various artistic disciplines, while understanding how to effectively connect, relate and communicate with communities. I have worked as a freelancer for startups, brands, festivals – each time aligning my artistic practice with the collaborative values and visions for the project.

I additionally highly enjoy being an educator, coordinator and assistant in festivals and local organizations. In my cultural and pedagogical practice, I am invigorated by the interactions formed between emerging artists who are interested in critically engaging and revisioning their own artistic practice through history, theory and methodology. I am constantly reflecting and re-constructing in my own artistic practice to better understand the intersection of visual representations and storytelling within its cultural and social context.

My research explores the intra-actions within Azerbaijan’s continuously changing cultural identity through a feminist reading of Soviet Azerbaijani cinema, and by projecting fragments of Soviet Azerbaijani films in an installation.