Aydan Hasanova

The Overthinker

Vancouver Film School Final Film
Project Supervisors: Mark Pudleiner, Marv Newland, Jim Inkster, Tzanko Tchangov, Jason Moffat, Dieter Muller 

2021 September CA107

Story, animation and digital production - Aydan Hasanova
Software - Toon Boom Harmony, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere
Dialogue - Blake Kimber, Kiki Faye
Music and Sound Design - Matthew Thomas, Todd Leblanc
Editing - Rob Wood

In hopes to ask his crush out, Travis gets ghosted. As he (over)ponders the reasons, the truth to his unresponded message is way beyond his imagination.

The initial idea started with the vision of a giant head - as Travis overthought his head would suddenly expand, making him lose his balance and thumble all over the place. 

Because of the 2 minute animation limit we had, the idea had to be cut really short, made more concise and relatable to the audience. 

Trying to complete an entire film through online courses during a global pandemic already involved enough mental challenges. Hence why I really wanted to have fun and enjoy making an animation that took something that can be so serious in a very lighthearted manner.

original concept art

Writing down keywords for the process of overthinking helped to hone in on the sensations I wanted to represent. 

Rough idea drafts

The character design needed to be easily flexible between a stylized realism to abstraction without seeming like a different film.

Final Character Design

Color Studies
One of the most challenging aspects of the film was to have a "lineless" art direction. It pushed to consider every inch of the screen, find solutions that are harmonious, yet distinct enough to prevent blending in the color composition. 

There were many, many, many background tweaks, tests and studies to set on the final colors.

Final Background Art

Animation Process
Scene N9 final compositing

Scene N9 Process

The raccoon scenes were an absolute joy to animate,  giving me a unique appreciation towards these chonky creatures.
As for the head expansion idea - it got reduced to this one scene only, instead of becoming the entire focus of the film.