Aydan Hasanova

Animation Showcase

Vancouver Film School Animation Portfolio
Animation Instructors: Mark Pudleiner, Jim Inkster, Jason Moffat, Tzanko Tchangov, Dieter Muller, Marv Newland, Alex King, Andy Bartlett

2020 September - 2021 September CA107

Animation assignments and final film segments from my time studying Classical Animation VFS. Vancouver Film School is a one year long intensive program, with an environment that mimics the animation pipeline.

Animation Demo Reel 2021

Anatomy Studies


Compositing Notes

Compositing on Toon Boom.
SC12 and SC09: Lighting and shadows with transparency, Camera zoom and move, multiplane zoom, Bloom node, Mask for desk layering, Color Override for character lighting shading, scene transition (fade in).

SC15: Camera move to track the character and zoom, Bloom Node, Transparency, Motion Blur, Matte blur, Color Override for lighting and shadows on characters, Lighting and Shadows overall, noise texture, Character color tint with blur and matte blur.

FX Demo Reel 2021

Character Design